Frequently Asked Questions

Is this journal totally free?
Yes, it is.
How much does it cost to publish in a this journal?
It is a totally free journal. We do not demand any fee from authors at any stage.
When will my paper be published?
Please visit and follow the website below. It has been updated in time gradually.
Do I need to use your template at initial submission?
No, you can submit your paper in word or PDF forms in any style. Please visit the website below.
Can i use Latex for my manuscript?
No, you cannot.
Why has my manuscript been rejected by Editor-in Chief in a short time after my submission?
My paper has been accepted, nobody has reached me so far. What is next?
How can i see the most cited papers in your journal quickly?
How can i see the photos of your journal’s conferences?
How do I submit my article?
Please click “Submission” on the journal's homepage and directly access the submission system used by that journal. We do not accept email submissions if your paper has not been accepted yet.
Can I include my ORCID iD when submitting a manuscript?
Yes, we are using ORCID iDs in the articles’ PDF files. When submitting your manuscript, you can fetch and add your ORCID iD. To register a new ORCID number, please visit the website below.
Can I publish my manuscript open access?
All papers have been published as open access so far.
Where can I find instructions for a specific journal?
Does your journal provide templates and style files for preparing a journal article?
Does your journal provide English language support?
No, it does not.
Where can I find artwork instructions?
Can I submit multimedia files to be published online along with my article?
No, you cannot.
What happens if my paper gets rejected? Any other options?
Please try other journals.
What happens after my article has been accepted?
What exactly is Article-in-Press?
The Article-in-Press service lets users access peer reviewed articles well before print publication. These articles cannot be searchable since they do not have their DOI (Digital Object Identifier).
Can I still make corrections to my article after it has been published Article-in-Press?
The online publication represents the official publication of research results. As soon as an article is published online, it can be viewed and downloaded. If changes are then made, confusion can easily arise with authors citing different versions of the same publication. JTEN has therefore decided not to make systematic use of the technical possibilities that an online publication offers and not to simply replace a published document with an updated one.
How can I share my full article, e.g. on social media?
Authors have the right to disseminate their article's eOffprint (as a printout or by email) to their co-authors and research colleagues. It is also allowed to distribute the eOffprint via a webpage.
How can I request permission to re-use material?
To use material printed in publications from other publishers, please contact us to get permission. All responsibility belong to authors on copyright issues. JTEN will not pay for anything about your papers’ copyright issues.
Would i be able to save a submission and come back to finish it later?
Yes, this method is acceptable.
Can i submit a manuscript that was published elsewhere?
No. Manuscript must be unique and should not be published elsewhere.
Is there any page limit for writing manuscripts?
There is no page limit for regular or special issue manuscripts.
Is JTEN peer reviewed?
Yes. İt is a peer reviewed one and all submissions are liable to peer review by qualified experts.
How long does it take to receive comments?
You are supposed to receive comments from 3 reviewers in 2 months.
What is the duration for publishing the article?
Do you allow re-use of your data?
Yes, however the information provided by the JTEN service is not available for commercial re-use.
Do you have an email alert?
Yes, we send out email alerts. This is normally sent a regular frequency with respect to your subject specialization.
Still can't find what you need?
Please contact us by email “” for assistance.