Designing of system for high grade heat recovery in thermal coolingsystem for process heat applications
1National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra Haryana, 136119, India
J Ther Eng 2023; 3(9): 679-701 DOI: 10.18186/thermal.1299161
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An experimental investigation on design of a vapour absorption system using LiBr-H2Ofor high grade heat recovery in thermal cooling system for process heat applications has been conducted. A 1.5 kW cooling capacityof the LiBr-H2O vapour absorption system has beend esigned and tested under various operating conditions. Generator temperature, absorber tem-perature, condenser temperature and evaporator temperature have been varied and perfor-mance of LiBr-H2O vapour absorption system has been analysed. Experimental results are presented in terms of COP and circulation ratio. Further, to validate the results thermody-namic model is developed using first law of thermodynamics and simulate in Engineering Equation Solver. The COP and the circulation ratio estimated through simulationsand exper-iments have been in good agreement with ±5% standard deviation. Further, this this research work is beneficial for dairy industries in process heat applications and realizing the impor-tance of the need for energy conservation in dairy industries.